1. Will you be able to attend the party on February 13, 2010?

  2. If Yes, who will be coming ?
    City / State / Zip

  3. In recognition of the Vancouver Winter Olympics that will be starting on my 50th birthday on February 12th and also to celebrate my family and friends from all over the world, the party will have an Olympic theme. If you were to represent a country, which one would you select?

  4. What is your birthday?
    What is the birthday of your guest (if applicable)?

  5. Help me plan the music play list? If you have a favorite song, especially one that is representative of the country you selected to represent, please give me the name and artist.

  6. As we did with the 40th, we will likely prepare a scrapbook. If there is anything you want to add now, please type in below, or come prepared on Saturday 13, 2010. Even if you can't attend, please send something along. You can also send to Elizabeth at edsmsw@aol.com or mail to 8712 Susanna Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. Thanks!

Who's coming?